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The MSI France Spiral  Implants are Titanium conical type implants, with an internal hexagon connection.

They are especially designed for implantation in a wide range of bone types and bone augmentation procedures.

MSI France Spiral Implant new geometric design includes dual threads, two spiral channels stemming from the apex, micro rings on the implant neck and a changing thread thickness along the implant.


  • Suits a wide range of bone types and bone augmentation procedures.
  • Wide range of restoration parts.
  • Self-tapping capability
  • Double thread of 2.2mm
  • Two spiral channels for improved integration (1)
  • Micro rings on the implants neck optimize the shear strengths in the crest zone (1)
  • Changing thread thickness improves bone compression (1)

Range :

The Spiral implant is available in 3.3, 3.75, 4.2, 5.0 and 6.0 mm diameters and in lengths of 6,7,8,10,11.5,13 and 16mm.


The surface roughness and microgeometry of commercially pure titanium grade 5 are achieved by sand blasting. Blasted surfaces demonstrate more bone-to-implant surface contact, compared to machined surfaces. In several clinical studies it has been demonstrated that sand blasted implant have excellent survival rate (between 96,9% to 100%) (2-5)


Sterile class IIb Medical Device.
For any additional information please carefully read related product instruction for use and labelling.

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Spiral Implants are Titanium parallel type Implants, with an internal hexagon connection.

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